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Tá a Neville féin ag achan buaf [Feb. 13th, 2014|07:38 pm]
I'm writing this right now in Firefox, as usual, but Firefox running in Ubuntu, which is not usual.

I've been having such a miserable time trying to get an Gramadóir, which is the Irish language grammar checker, to run as a LibreOffice extension, due to rebellious Java issues, that I finally hauled out an old laptop from the Vista era and installed Ubuntu to see if I could get it to work that way. The only frustrating things so far are A) the battery on this machine is completely knackered and B) this is a 32 bit machine and the only Linux form of an Gramadóir which could be found on the website was 64 bit. I think it will run, but very slowly. ETA: It doesn't actually run--instead it sits there for a little while and then it says the finished without any checking having been done first.

Oh, well, it's a start. If the harddrive on my regular machine weren't chock-a-block full, I think I might install Linux as an option, because so far I find myself rather liking this. Admittedly, some of that's because I was able to install an Irish-language version.