Friending Policy

By all means, go right ahead.

But would you mind to drop me a note about it, if we've not "met" before? I'm a bit uncomfortable with friending back folk with whom I've not had any personal contact.

ETA: Goodness, looks as if I've got to backdate this further in order to keep it "sticky." :-)

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to madderbrad!

It just hit me--if I'm correct about how your seasons work, your birth month is the Australian equivalent of my birth month, i.e. the middle month of Autumn. Any road, I hope it's a grand day!

Mar i gcónaí...

Blast it, I've just mentioned a character having haggis and eggs for breakfast, and now I really want to try it. Also, there's ackee and salt cod on the fictional table and I'm curious about that as well.
Does this sort of thing happen to anybody else?

Tá a Neville féin ag achan buaf

I'm writing this right now in Firefox, as usual, but Firefox running in Ubuntu, which is not usual.

I've been having such a miserable time trying to get an Gramadóir, which is the Irish language grammar checker, to run as a LibreOffice extension, due to rebellious Java issues, that I finally hauled out an old laptop from the Vista era and installed Ubuntu to see if I could get it to work that way. The only frustrating things so far are A) the battery on this machine is completely knackered and B) this is a 32 bit machine and the only Linux form of an Gramadóir which could be found on the website was 64 bit. I think it will run, but very slowly. ETA: It doesn't actually run--instead it sits there for a little while and then it says the finished without any checking having been done first.

Oh, well, it's a start. If the harddrive on my regular machine weren't chock-a-block full, I think I might install Linux as an option, because so far I find myself rather liking this. Admittedly, some of that's because I was able to install an Irish-language version.

[Fic]: A Handfasting in Little Whinging, Part One of Two (13,800 words total)

A Handfasting in Little Whinging
(In which two lonely, bookish orphans lost in Darkest Surrey rescue each other.)
an Harry Potter fanfiction
by Andrew yclept Aelfwine
The characters and situations of the Harry Potter series are copyright J.K. Rowling. They may not be used or reproduced commercially without permission. The use of these characters and situations is not to be construed as challenge to said copyright. They are merely borrowed for this work of non-commercial fanfiction, from which the author derives no financial benefit.

Warnings: Harry/Hermione. Pre-Hogwarts AU. Orphaned Hermione. Pre-teen marriage, with age-appropriate affection.
This was written in December. I have another part for it, which I'm not quite satisfied with, this being the reason why I've not posted the fanfic yet.

I'm posting it now in honour of J.K. Rowling's recent revelation. :-)

Harry Potter was ten years of age, and he'd lived with his aunt Petunia Dursley, his uncle Vernon, and his cousin Dudley at Number Four Privet Drive in Little Whinging, Surrey for as long as he could remember. In the course of that time he'd learnt better than to openly express curiosity about anything that didn't concern him, which meant, of course, practically everything.

None the less, he was intensely curious about the world. Being denied the question as a means of learning, he'd learnt to be observant. There was nothing Harry liked better than a day after school when he wasn't meant to be home until it was time to prepare his family's dinner, because his aunt had nothing for him to do and didn't want to see his face. After all, it meant he could spend more time being observant in some place that was neither Saint Grogory's School nor Privet Drive.

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