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[Original Fiction]:YAVNC, chapter 3 - My Life and Hard Times [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Original Fiction]:YAVNC, chapter 3 [May. 27th, 2008|11:43 pm]
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More of my Young Adult Vampire Novel Challenge story, which seems to be called, for lack of a better name "Dermot and Stanislava's Excellent Adventure."
This brings us up to 3200 words.
ETA: 30 May 08, 2220 EST--a few new lines added

Chapter One, in which Dermot and Stanislava drive to school
Chapter Two, in which Dermot and Stanislava make a new friend
ETA:Chapter Four, in which our threesome drives home

"So," Stanislava said in the hallway after the final bell, "how was the Chumpy Jazz Hour?"

"Not exactly Preservation Hall," Dermot replied. "I do think I could actually learn to mildly like the music, if the horns weren't out of tune and Lucy Barlow didn't think she was playing guitar in a fusion band and Tubby Crockett didn't forget how to count every time he got behind the piano."

"Don't you wish sometimes that you'd joined the chamber ensemble with me?"

"You know I can't handle bowed instruments, Stani, and I suck even worse at winds."

"Oh, I don't know... I'm sure we could've trained you up into a nice viol player, if we'd started fresher year. You couldn't be any worse than that poor pathetic Shirley Kirk."

"She's not that bad."

"Oh, how she'd thrill to hear you say that. I expect she'd be inspired to write ‘Mrs. Shirley O'Donovan' at least another thousand times."

"But wouldn't she fear your wrath?"

"Not really. I'm fairly well sure she thinks we could share."


"She tried to kiss me when we were thirteen. After a meeting of that silly Girl Guides patrol that Mam made me join. It was dark, and we were walking away from the campfire, and she wanted to know what I thought about half-Elf Clerics, in great detail, of course. So she slowed us down enough that we were out of sight of the other girls, and then she contrived to ‘trip' and fall. And when I helped her up she planted her lips on mine and practically stuck her tongue down my throat."


"And then she said ‘Oh, Mistress Stanislava, won't you please punish me for my impudence?' And when I said that you wouldn't like that, she said you could spoil your half of her, so long as I spanked my half every now and again."

"You said that?"

"No, she said that. I said--"

"You told her I wouldn't approve?"

"Well, I couldn't think what else to say. ‘But we're both girls' would have been stating the obvious, and ‘You're not my type' would have been too cruel."


"Well, aren't you going to be a bloke and ask me how she was?"

"Excuse me?"

"As a kisser, I mean."

"I assumed that if you wanted me to know you would have gone ahead and told me."

"Thanks for reminding me why I love you, Dermot." She blushed luridly about a second after the words left her mouth.

He didn't know what to say. Fortunately, at just that moment, a newly familiar voice said "Err... pardon me?"

"Ashley?" Dermot said, biting off the ‘thank you' before it reached his tongue. Stanislava might have let the same words leave her lips, in a low mutter.

"Oh, Stanislava and Dermot, thank goodness you're still here! I... I mean, I hope you don't mind... Well, I've got an awfully big favour to ask of you." She had something that might have been a postman's satchel from some obscure Eastern European kingdom slung over her shoulder, with her wooden lunchbox lashed to its side. Her fingers kept toying with the big aluminium bronze buckle on the shoulder strap.

"Does it involve hiding bodies?"

Ashley giggled. "Well, not quite that, my dear. But I'm afraid it's nearly as much of an imposition. I... well, my mater drove into Tecumseh this afternoon for some meeting or other, and she'll not be back til after suppertime, and my sire's car just broke down, and we haven't got but the two cars, and... sorry, I'm babbling horribly, but... I mean, I understand that you've got things to do, but... could you possibly find the time to give me a ride home? If it's not too far out of the way, and if you're going home and not about to go off touring or hunting or something."

"Of course," Stanislava said. "Ashley, we'd be delighted. I mean... I'd be delighted."

"And you're driving, so it's your opinion that counts, right?"

"Oh, Dermot, I'm so sorry. I should have realised you two were planning to go off and... Well, don't mind me, I'll be very quiet and... Oh, I'm sorry, you were joking, weren't you?"

"Yes. I'd be happy if Stani gave you a lift home while she's giving me one as well."

"Oh, thank you! It's not that I can't walk it, but it would be an awfully long walk."

"And it would even be a bit of a long flight, wouldn't it?" Stanislava said.

Ashley grinned. "I suppose it's not really that long of a flight, as flights go, but I'm afraid I strained a wing muscle flying to school this morning." She giggled. "Which was a very silly thing to do, I know, but I seem to be a very silly girl, sometimes."

"No worse than most of us," Stanislava said. "And we certainly can't have you flying on a sore wing. Come along."

"Oh, thank you so very much," Ashley said, and took her arm.

Chapter Four

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2009-01-16 06:46 am (UTC)
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