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My Life and Hard Times

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18 October 1975
You can find my fanfic (Ranma, Evangelion, Harry Potter, a little Farscape, and a few random bits of other things) at either my website or on FFN at http://www.fanfiction.net/u/130525/. I also write original fiction, a sampling of which may be found here.

As for the rest, I'm male, heterosexual, single, play Irish traditional music, write, and still wonder if Smurfs turn red when cooked. I'm a graduate student--my university and field I prefer not to share here, as it's a small department and, while I have nothing here that I'm ashamed of, I prefer to keep the fannish aspects of my life separate from the professional part.

I'm not a furry, but I have nothing against furries, especially when they're cute girls. I don't mind vampires, except when they sparkle. I wish I could draw, but I can't--if I could draw, I would produce comics full of cute girls and beautiful women of all shapes and sizes. (It's probably just as well that I can't--all I need is another hobby to take up my time.)

I used to ride and show horses (hunter-jumper and dressage), but haven't in years. At various times in my life I've fenced and done kung fu, but at present I'm doing neither. I wish there were a serious historical fencing salle near me--I'd like to study sword and buckler, longsword, or sidesword--but the closest one is more than a hundred miles away.

I prefer beer to wine, but I'd rather drink crummy wine than crummy beer. I used to drink massive amounts of coffee, but don't drink coffee at all anymore. I still miss the taste, not to mention the convenience and the fact that bad tea is a) worse than bad coffee and b) much more common in the place where I live. I'd hate to have to choose only one cuisine to eat for the rest of my life, but if I did have to I'd pick Indian, simply because of the variety.

Politically, I am neither Whig nor Tory; in other words, neither liberal nor conservative in the conventionally accepted fashions. I have nothing but contempt for any scheme of English-language spelling reform that does not involve undoing the great vowel shift and restoring ð and þ to their proper places. I use the second person singular whenever possible, pronounce some medial gutterals, and have a slight dislike for the metric system.

Anything else you can either work out from my interests list and my posts or are welcome to ask. (If you're someone with need to know, I'll even tell you :-)

Ní chainteóir dhúchais mé, ach is fearr liom Gaeilge ná Béarla. Táim níos clachtach i mBéarla, ach táim níos cairdiúil i nGaeilge. Ní maith liom an caighdeán. Is maith go leor liom gach canúint éile, ach is brea liom an canúint Uladh.

For obvious reasons, I've added a few interests to my own which I took from the list of those censored by LJ from their "Most Popular Interests" page.

Fanfiction clichés which annoy me:
"everybody's gay" (I'm not mad about "everybody's straight," either; "everybody's bi" is fine, as is a mixture of sexual orientations, something like what we see in real life. :-), bursts of present tense in the midst of past-tense fics, characters talking about or listening to pop music and movies from ten years after the time when the story should be taking place, and katanas in Western settings without a damn good reason for being there ("They're cooler" is not an excuse; they're not. "I don't know anything about swords except from watching anime" is not an excuse, either.).

Real life clichésassumptions which annoy me:
everybody who plays mandolin plays bluegrass (I don't; I don't even much like to listen to it, as the sound chiefly makes me think of Irish sessions wrecked by clueless twits who noodle and chop chords without having any notion of what the actual tune is--the Del McCoury Band, however, are very cool, same for Bill Monroe and some of the other old guys.), all singers want accompaniment, all "folk music" is simplistic three chord I-IV-V stuff that can only be improved by people who've never even heard it before piling in with guitars and percussion, "you have an accent, I don't".

Friending Policy:

Go ahead. But do let me know about it, please, at least if you expect me to friend you back? I don't have to know folk well to friend them, but I do sort of like to know who I'm friending and why. Especially if we've not had much prior contact. There's not much here other than my personal life stuff that ever gets f-locked.
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